About Us

Two things are blissfully obvious to anyone who walks through the front door of Cook on Bay: we love to cook and we know how to have fun!

Cook on Bay is a home for the adventurous cook as well as the novice cook. We make shopping for cooking tools fun and educational. We want you to be able to choose from among the latest and greatest in tools and gadgets. We want to share with you tips and tricks to make your cooking experience more satisfying.

When you visit our store, you'll be immersed in a cook's dream come true. We offer special coastal cooking tools and serveware, locally-sourced Lowcountry foods and seasonings, and an extensive collection of unique kitchen and grilling tools and gadgets, cookware, bakeware, barware, and more. We have top-of-the line knives as well as a professional knife sharpening service. Some of the brands we carry include SMEG, Le Creuset, Wusthof, Shun, Smithey, Cuisinart, Thermoworks, and more! There's also a special section just for kids! All our products are hand-selected based on quality and performance, Cook's Illustrated reviews, personal experience, and special requests from our valued customers.

Jodi Campbell, store owner, and her wonderful staff share a passion for food, family, and friends. We've strolled Beaufort's Bay Street a hundred times, lulled by the sea breezes and enchanted by the charming shops and eateries. We've explored the Lowcountry - its rich history, beautiful beaches and marshes, and unique cuisine. While some of us are not Beaufort natives, we're all in love with with this quaint little town, its people, and the food!

Cook on Bay was born from two sisters’ shared passion for cooking ... and the need for good tools for good cooking. Jodi worked in corporate marketing in Boston for decades and decided it was time for a change. So she sold her house, packed up her life, and moved to Beaufort. Her sister, Anne, lived here part-time, and Jodi's daughter was starting college in Greenville, so all the stars aligned!

Jodi loves to bake and cook, and when she got to Beaufort, one of the first things she did was look for a good local kitchen store. When she couldn't find one, she called her sister and floated the idea of opening a store together.  And so, Cook on Bay came to be!  That was back in 2017; and now, thanks to the wonderful Beaufort community and vacationers, Cook on Bay has become a local favorite!

Our goal as a small, independently-owned business is to make our customers feel like family, to take care of our employees, and to give back to our community.

Someone once said she thought kitchen stores were some of the happiest places on earth. We agree!

Cook on Bay is a proud member of the Downtown Beaufort Merchants Association



These are the ladies that make the magic happen!

Laura Kneebone, Associate

Former Front of the House Manager at the Beaufort Bread Company; easy-going and cheerful, and chock full of creative new ideas for the store! And bonus! Laura's lovely daughter, Olivia, is occasionally on hand to help out, too!

Micki Coles, Associate

A newcomer to Beaufort, Micki has over 20 years' retail experience, including a short stint at a kitchen store! She is our resident Facebook poster - check out her creative eye!

Sheryl Dominic, Associate

Former Teacher from Maine; great friend and neighbor, whose bubbly attitude brightens every day!

Jodi Campbell, Owner

After working in corporate marketing for 20 years in Boston, it was time for a change.  So I sold the house, packed up my life, and moved to Beaufort.  Everyone's response to this when I tell them is, "Why??"  No, I'm not crazy.  :)  My sister was here and my daughter was starting college in Greenville.  Besides, I like change; it keeps life interesting. 

When I turned 40 (no, I will NOT reveal how long ago that was!), I took time off from work to attend Pastry School then owned an online chocolate shop for a few years.  I love to bake and cook, and when I got to Beaufort, one of the first things I did was look for a good kitchen store.  When I couldn't find one, I called my sister and floated the idea of opening a store.  And so, Cook on Bay was born!

Anne Willey, Jodi's Sister & Manager of Uncontrolled Daydreaming and Chief Gadget Tester

Even while spending 30 years in law, corporate, and academia, few things gave me more satisfaction in life than my family telling me how good dinner was, or my grown children asking for a favorite recipe that was mostly in my head.

We moved to the Lowcountry two years ago, where we fell in love with its people AFTER we fell in love with the food! Seafood, spices, rice, rich stews, and the freshest fruits and vegetables... we can't get enough of the flavors and methods of LC cooking.

Jodi's brainchild, Cook on Bay, grew from our shared passion for good cooking ... and needing good tools for our good cooking.

Jodi and I love to laugh at everything, and at each other, and we will laugh at you. We both are willing to work as hard as we can to achieve excellence and satisfy our patrons. And we find joy in simple things like rolling the perfect dough or licking the same spoon...at the same time.

Cook on Bay is a home for the adventurous cook as well as the novice cook, so come on in and share your passion for cooking with us sistas!


Cook on Bay is a proud member of the Downtown Beaufort Merchants Association